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HedgeCo Securities can introduce hedge fund managers to an array of prime brokers that can offer prime services, trading & execution, and valuable industry relationships.  We remain focused and determined on delivering top-tier service to each fund.  Most important, we put clients first.  We strive to find competitively priced and cost-efficient execution of alternative trading strategies, and we utilize our long-standing relationships with top-tier hedge fund prime brokers and hedge fund mini-prime brokers.

Business as Usual Is No Longer Acceptable

The Global Custodian 2009 Prime Brokerage Survey confirmed what many already knew: hedge fund managers will no longer accept shoddy treatment from the big prime brokerages. One hedge fund in three terminated their providers, one in two among the largest funds. Many cited Prime Brokers changing terms without warning or refusing to honor orders during the market crisis. In turn, the biggest Prime Brokers began cutting loose any clients that didn’t fit their ideal cost/benefit profile. Tired of having their own needs put last, fund managers are looking for an alternative.

HedgeCo Securities is that alternative.  We introduce our hedge fund clientele to a full suite of prime services and trading & execution through valuable industry relationships.  We remain focused enough to deliver top-tier service to each fund.  Most important, we put our clients first.

The HedgeCo Securities Difference

Experience. The dedicated professionals of HedgeCo Securities have worked with all types of hedge fund managers, providing operational support, trading introductions, capital development, and more. We take a hands-on approach, bringing to bear best practices to assist our clients in the strategic development, management, and expansion of their businesses.

A powerful team of partners.  Our reputation is built on our strong industry relationships and the access we provide for our clients.  We are an introducing firm to some of the largest hedge fund prime brokerages and mini-primes.

In addition, HedgeCo Securities is dedicated to servicing the hedge fund industry.  We can provide hedge fund managers and investors alike with a comprehensive and effective spectrum of services:

  • Startup services through
  • Website creation through
  • Online client report materials creation through
  • Database of hedge funds and investors and online portal through HedgeCo.Net
  • Plug-n-play office space through

Cost-effective trading & best execution.
Through our relationships, we can introduce a high-volume, high-frequency trading solution that we feel cannot be matched by our competition. We can arrange for introductions to firms to trade large amounts of daily volume. Our turnkey approach allows for quick implementation of trading strategy.

Our execution strategy is built on our strategic partnerships and long-standing relationships with established prime brokers, allowing us to make introductions to:

  • Trade execution, secured lending, clearance, and custody
  • Real-time portfolio reporting, vigilant compliance, and risk management
  • The prestige to leverage new business and negotiate favorable items
  • Cost-efficient execution of alternative trading strategies

We can help funds of any size.  From managers developing a business plan prior to launch to mature funds with sophisticated needs, our team can assist almost any hedge fund (large and small) in reaching for its goals.

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