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Successfully identifying and evaluating potential targets for capital investment are the two greatest challenges to investors.  If you’re too cautious, you’ll miss out on opportunity.  Not cautious enough, you might get burned.  HedgeCo can help.  Through HedgeCo.Net's proprietary database of thousands of hedge funds, investors can search for hedge funds with individualized criteria.  Once a fund is selected, our strict review process is in place for us to believe they’ll be the most reputable, the most sound, and the best positioned for success.  

How HedgeCo Securities Can Help You

Hundreds of high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds, funds of funds, family offices, and institutions have come to trust HedgeCo for solid advice and useful guidance.  Our personal approach with each of them helps us to better align them with the right manager, and can bring a sense of security and clarity to the often overwhelming world of alternative investments.  

Network of relationships.  Our vast investor database and list of contacts may assist your fund in being exposed to the greatest number of potential investment opportunities.  Our affiliated entity, HedgeCo Networks, runs one of the most extensive hedge fund databases and popular online portals in the industry, at  There, you can browse over 7,000 hedge funds by strategy, location, returns, and numerous additional criteria.  HedgeCo.Net's database also lets you compare funds side by side, learn more about particular investment strategies, and to contact fund managers directly.

Selectivity. We perform due diligence on a manager’s operations, risk management practices, and investment disciplines.  We scrutinize documentation and third-party providers, verify assets and returns, and require three-year audited financials. (when available)   In addition, analytical and quantitative reviews are used to evaluate managers to determine their competitive advantages versus their peer group.

Making the right match.  We conduct a rigorous examination of the needs and features of both our funds and our investors, seeking to create the best match in size, strategy, geographical focus, stage of development, and AUM.  

Focus.  HedgeCo Securities is independent.  We are not encumbered by a large corporate structure, and we do no investment banking.  Our focus is on our clients.

HedgeCo Securities Powerful Suite of Partners

HedgeCo Securities is one of several affiliated entities serving the hedge fund industry.  Together, our entities provide both hedge fund managers and investors with a comprehensive and effective spectrum of services:

  • Introduction to prime brokerage services
  • Industry-leading client conferences
  • Road shows
  • Marketing resources
  • Startup hedge fund services through
  • Hedge fund hotel through
  • Expert website development, creation, and maintenance through

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