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No matter where your business is in its life cycle, we feel we can help you get to the next level.  We strongly believe that no one else combines comprehensive top-tier services with such deep experience and expertise. Hedge fund managers are frustrated with traditional providers’ me-first attitudes and practices.  We break that mold by putting clients first, helping them to raise assets, run their businesses, and focus on their funds.

How HedgeCo Securities Can Help You

True full service. We are confident in our ability to offer and introduce a full suite of services to the hedge fund industry.  We provide effective solutions for your business needs, from prime brokerage introductions to cap intro.  Our firm, and affiliated entities, have experts in place in such crucial areas as fund administration, compliance, marketing and website development.  Why waste valuable time dealing with multiple, sometimes competing, providers? HedgeCo Securities is a one-stop, never-stop solution.

New solutions for new challenges. Our consulting services team assists fund managers as their businesses grow and evolve.  As issues arise – everything from human resource hurdles to formalization of policies and procedures to fresh demands for working capital – our experience and expertise can find solutions.  You will no longer be bogged down reinventing the wheel and being distracted from your core tasks.

HedgeCo Securities offers our hedge fund managers the proper introduction to a full suite of prime services, trading & execution, and valuable industry relationships.  We remain focused and determined on delivering top-tier service to each fund.  Most important, we put clients first.  We strive to find competitively priced and cost-efficient execution of alternative trading strategies, and we utilize our long-standing relationships with top-tier hedge fund prime brokers and hedge fund mini-prime brokers.

Hedge fund Capital Intro and third-party marketing – with a difference. 

Our access to the industry’s largest database of investors and managers, combined with our experience and expertise, has already helped established fund managers catapult their AUM to the next level. We provide and offer asset-raising services based not on the industry model, but on what best serves our clients.

High-frequency trading. More and more funds are turning to the advantages of a high-volume, high-frequency trading strategy, and we introduce a solution that is difficult for our competitors to match.  We have partnered with some of the most respected execution and technology firms, introducing our clients to some of the fastest, lowest latency, and cost effective trading solutions available.  We can arrange for fiber installed directly into your office, and help establish support to handle a custom built API, Fixed API, VWAPs, etc.  Our turnkey approach allows for quick implementation of any trading strategy.

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