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Whether your fund is emerging or established, HedgeCo Securities presents a unique and powerful approach to making introductions. Our access to the industry’s largest database of investors and managers, combined with our experience and expertise, has already helped countless mature funds as well as new managers catapult their AUM to the next level. It is our goal to offer true full service –from marketing to contract negotiations to prime brokerage introductions. HedgeCo Securities is a one-stop, never-stop solution for your asset-raising needs.

The Current Cap Intro Model Is Broken

Responding to a recent FINalternatives survey, only one-third of hedge fund managers rated cap intro services good or excellent. The rest are sorely disappointed by a lack of services, a lack of contacts, a lack of results. That’s because most brokerages don’t have the requisite network of investors, resources, or commitment to deliver those results.

Why is HedgeCo Securities different?  We have broad resources that can serve as a foundation for cap intro services based not on the industry model, but on what best serves both our manager and investor clients.

The HedgeCo Securities Difference

Exposure.  Our vast investor database and list of contacts can help your fund be exposed to the greatest number of potential investors. Our affiliated entity, HedgeCo Networks, runs one of the most extensive hedge fund databases and popular online portals in the industry. We enjoy maintaining relationships with our extensive database of qualified investors who are actively seeking out hedge fund investment opportunities.  We have differentiated and separated our firm from the rest, by taking the time and effort to get to know each client.

Focus. HedgeCo Securities is independent.  We are not encumbered by a large corporate structure, and we do no investment banking.  Our focus is on our clients.

True Full Service. We are confident in our ability to both offer and introduce a full suite of services to the hedge fund industry.  It is our goal to provide effective solutions for your business needs, from prime brokerage introductions to cap intro. Our firm, and affiliated companies, have teams of experts in place in such crucial areas as fund administration, compliance, marketing and website development.  Why waste valuable time dealing with multiple, sometimes competing, providers?  HedgeCo Securities is a one-stop, never-stop solution.

Experience and expertise. Through years of experience working in the alternative investments industry, we have gained the trust and support of many high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds, family offices, and institutions. Our personal approach with each of them helps us to better align them with the right manager, and can bring a sense of security and clarity to the often overwhelming world of alternative investments.

Selectivity. We examine, in detail, the operations, risk management, and portfolio team of each fund on our platform. As a result, potential investors pay close attention to our introductions because of the high standards we demand from our managers.

We, and our affiliated entities, offer and introduce a suite of services that are as comprehensive as they are unique:

  • Introducing prime brokerage services
  • Industry-leading client conferences
  • Road shows
  • Marketing resources
  • Startup hedge fund services through
  • Hedge fund hotel through
  • Expert website development, creation, and maintenance through

HedgeCo’s affiliated entity, HedgeCo Networks LLC, runs one of the most extensive hedge fund databases and popular online portals in the industry.  There, you can browse over 6,500 funds by strategy, location, and fund manager.  HedgeCo Network's database also lets you compare funds side by side, learn more about particular investment strategies, and contact fund managers directly.

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